Who are we?  We are members of the CMV LISTSERV because we have some interest in CMV or Cytomegalovirus.  Our group is made up mostly of parents and grandparents of children born with congenital CMV.  Other members may be special educators or nurses/therapists interested in learning more about educating or treating children with CMV.  Other members may be adults with CMV simply trying to learn more about the virus.  Right now we have members from the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Holland, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia.  The states currently represented are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida,  Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.  The children currently represented range in age from 1 month to 19 years.

      The group was created in 1998 by a mom that adopted a baby girl severely affected by congenital CMV.  She wanted to create a way for members to easily interact with other members, such as parents/grandparents, caregivers, therapists, doctors and nurses who work with CMV kids, anyone currently infected with CMV, and those researching ways to conquer CMV.  She and the other members also wish to educate the public about the dangers of CMV and ways to prevent more babies born with birth defects from it.

       We all love the list because it gives us the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, offer support and encouragement, share frustrations, and rejoice in our triumphs with others who understand.  A huge benefit of being in this group seems to be the realization that "we are not alone" in our struggles.  Since the doctors insist that CMV is so "rare", we've had difficulties finding knowledgeable people that can help us deal with problems associated with CMV.  So our members can also help each other by sharing names of recommended doctors/therapists and by sharing other resources.  Our members are the greatest; always willing to jump in with suggestions or advice or just to offer prayers and a shoulder to cry on.  If you would benefit from being a member or feel that you have something to offer others, please join us.